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Let's build a school – in Africa

Educate MalawiLadies and gentlemen!
Dear members, friends and donors
of abc-Gesellschaft e.V.


What better or more enduring thing can you do
than to build a school in a region that has none,
where many children are so keenly waiting for one?


In Malawi, a desperately poor country in south-east Africa, 3 million of 6.5 million children have no schools. This is why abc-Gesellschaft e.V. has built two
8-class primary schools to the north and south of the capital, Lilongwe, equipped them with furniture and school books, and inaugurated them on
June, 18 and 19, 2008.


In addition, 16 houses for teachers and 2 wells were built. The teachers' houses are important, so that teachers are prepared to move to rural areas.
The wells are necessary so that women and children need not walk 7 kilometres to the river every day in order to collect (contaminated) water.


In connection with this, abc-Gesellschaft built two 4-class secondary schools in 2009 and 2010 with library, staff room and Head Office, so that students can continue their education and achieve higher qualifications.

As a result, a total of 1760 children now have a school to go to in the area.

Now we make a sincere plea for your help, so that a further school, the Dalani Secondary-abc School can be built in the Blantyre district in Malawi, and children who would otherwise have to walk 12 kilometres to school—which is in any case impossible in the rainy season—can soon attend their own school.


Every dollar, every euro counts, and goes 1-to-1into the project!

Many drops are an ocean!

Thank you very much!
Signatur Kuhn
F.-J. Kuhn, founder and president of
abc-Gesellschaft e.V.



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